The competition schedule is determined by the organizer. The organizer retains the right to change the competition schedule.

In case of exceeding the time, the Competition Jury is entitled to stop the competitor. The Competition Jury shall pass the irrevocable decision without a right of appeal.

Points awarded by each Competition Jury member will be made public during the result announcement at the notice board.

The Competition Jury shall present competition prizes as follows:

1st prize 90,00 – 100,00 points
2nd prize 80,00 – 89,99 points
3rd prize 70,00 – 79,99 points


The winner of each category wins Gold Medal, the winner of the second prize wins Silver Medal, and the winner of the third prize wins Bronze Medal. .

The competitors will receive the certificate of participation or a diploma for winning the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize as well as special prizes. Diplomas, prizes and certificates of participation will be available for each category as noted on the notice board. Before the Gala Concert, the participants will receive their diplomas, prizes and certificates of participation, or they will take them at the information desk.

Winners in each category (with at least 90 points) and special award winners awarded by the Competition Jury shall participate at the Gala Concert by competition winners and perform the composition selected by the Competition Jury. Otherwise, they shall forfeit their right to claim the prize.

If the same number of points is awarded to several competitors, the advantage is given to the younger candidate. The entire programme is performed by heart, repetitions are not required. The Competition Jury listens to the entire programme.

The Competition Jury consists of renowned artists and educators from Croatia and abroad.

Competitors shall bear the cost of their arrival and accommodation by themselves.

The competition is public and it can be photographed and recorded.

The competition organizer retains the right to audio/video/photo recording of all the competition-related events. Competitors waive the copyright on the use of audio/video/photo materials produced by their participation in the competition as well as during the competition.

In case of ambiguity, the Croatian version shall prevail.

By applying to the competition, competitors accept the rules specified herein.