8th International guitar and violin competition

Art School Poreč (Umjetnička škola Poreč) is the organizer of the international guitar and violin competition ‘Poreč Fest‘ for the eight consecutive year. It is proud of the competition quality, which is confirmed by numerous participants from various schools across Croatia and abroad.

The eight competition will be held from 17 until 19 February 2017 in Poreč. Apart from the guitar competition, the violin competition was also introduced in 2015 as part of the overall event and gathering of musicians in Poreč. The competition is accompanied by concerts held by famous musicians, various presentations and social events.

The guitar part of the competition will be held in the Theatre Hall of the Open University Poreč (Pučko otvoreno učilište Poreč), Narodni trg 1. The violin competition will be held in the Concert Hall of Art School Poreč (Umjetnička škola Poreč), Kandlerova 2.

Opening gala concert
17 February 2017
Theatre Hall (Kazališna dvorana), Narodni trg 1, Poreč
Marko Feri - guitar
Domagoj Guščić – piano
Marco Graziani - violin
Competition in solo guitar, violin and chamber ensembles
17 – 19 February 2017
Exhibition of master violins - Nikola Dervenkar
Exhibition of master guitars - Mladen Franković
Promotion of music notes - A Classic
Promotion of strings and music materials - Euro Unit, Thomastik, Yamaha
Gala concert by laureates 19 february 2017
19 February 2017